Inclusion criteria

PROSPERO includes details of any planned or on-going systematic review that has a health related outcome.

PROSPERO accepts:

Systematic review protocols assessing:

Further information on protocol development specific to review types is accessible below.

Requirements for registration

  • A full protocol should be ready before registering with PROSPERO
  • Submissions must be made before data extraction commences (from October 2019)
  • Registration forms must be complete.
  • Submissions must be in English (search strategies and protocols attached to a record may be in any language).

PROSPERO does not accept:

  • Systematic reviews without an outcome of clear relevance to the health of humans
  • Scoping reviews
  • Literature reviews that use a systematic search
  • Systematic reviews assessing sports performance as an outcome
  • Methodological reviews that assess ONLY the quality of reporting

Other considerations

  • Cochrane protocols are automatically uploaded- To avoid duplication of records, Cochrane protocols should not be registered separately with PROSPERO.