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PROSPERO - Guidance notes for registering a systematic review

Download the guidance notes for registering a systematic review on PROSPERO.

Systematic review methods

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Reporting systematic reviews

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Registering systematic reviews

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Training materials

Copies of an A5 postcard explaining How to register a review on PROSPERO can be requested for use in training packs etc. Some general information is provided in these PowerPoint presentations. 

Development and progress of PROSPERO (PowerPoint slides)

Registering a systematic review on PROSPERO (PowerPoint slides)

For additional information, slides or to request copies of the postcards please contact Alison Booth at

News and events

PROSPERO’s progress and activities 2012/13

Details of how PROSPERO has progressed have been published in a letter in the journal Systematic Reviews. Between July 2012 and June 2013, 1,106 registrations were added, bringing the total since launch in February 2011 to 1,704. The value of the growing number of records is reflected in a 117% increase in page views in the first half of 2013 compared with the first half of 2012. Developments over the year included expansion of scope, improvement of the registration form and easier access to information on how to register. To read the full letter go to 


Booth A. PROSPERO’s progress and activities 2012/13. Syst Rev 2013, 2:111

Marking the first year

Celebrating PROSPERO's first year

A guest blog by Alison Booth on the BMJ Group website

PROSPERO, looking good one year on

PROSPERO, the first open access online facility to prospectively register systematic reviews reports a successful first year with researchers from 27 countries around the world registering reviews.


Dame Sally Davies on the launch of PROSPERO

Registering Systematic Review Protocols: An international initiative Presentations from the meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada, 18 February 2011

Best Practice in Systematic Reviews: The Importance of Protocols and Registration PLoS Medicine editorial PLoS Med. 2011 Feb;8(2):e1001009. Epub 2011 Feb 22.

New initiative to make systematic review protocols more transparent BMJ 2011; 342:d1240

UK bid to boost global transparency of health research Pharmatimes article


The Cochrane Collaboration Glossary: 

International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) Glossary:

International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA)/Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) glossary of HTA terms: