The registration data set

The aim of registration is to capture those attributes of a review that are likely to be important in the avoidance of bias, and to provide enough information to help people planning reviews in a similar area to decide whether or not to proceed. The registration data set does not seek to capture all the information that should be included in a systematic review protocol.

The registration form is divided into four sections and contains 23 required fields and 18 optional fields agreed through international consultation. ‘Required’ fields must be completed before a registration can be submitted; these are indicated with an asterisk in the list below.

Review title and timescale

  1. Review title *
  2. Original language title
  3. Anticipated or actual start date *
  4. Anticipated completion date *
  5. Stage of review at time of registration *

Review team details

  1. Named contact *
  2. Named contact email *
  3. Named contact address
  4. Named contact phone number
  5. Review team members and their organisational affiliations
  6. Organisational affiliation of the review *
  7. Funding sources/ sponsors *
  8. Conflicts of interest *
  9. Collaborators

Review methods

  1. Review question(s) *
  2. Searches *
  3. URL to search strategy
  4. Condition or domain being studied *
  5. Participants/ population *
  6. Intervention(s), exposure(s) *
  7. Comparator(s)/ control *
  8. Types of study to be included *
  9. Context
  10. Primary outcome(s) *
  11. Secondary outcomes *
  12. Data extraction (selection and coding)
  13. Risk of bias (quality) assessment *
  14. Strategy for data synthesis *
  15. Analysis of subgroups or subsets *

General information

  1. Type and method of review *
  2. Language
  3. Country
  4. Other registration details
  5. Reference and/or URL for published protocol
  6. Dissemination plans
  7. Keywords
  8. Details of any existing review of the same topic by the same authors
  9. Review status *
  10. Any other information
  11. Link to publication of final report