Accessing and completing the registration form

Obtain a username and password by following the 'Join' link in the top right hand corner of the PROSPERO website.

Once you have joined, you can 'Sign in' and then you will be able to select 'Register a review' in the left hand column. This opens a page that encourages you to check that your review will meet the inclusion criteria, if you are sure it does, click on 'Register a review'.

The 'register a review' option opens a four page electronic registration form which has 22 required fields and 18 optional fields. 'Required' fields, marked with a red asterisk, must be completed before the Submit button can be accessed. You may save and exit the form at any time, and return at a later date to add or edit information by signing in and going to 'My PROSPERO records'.

Each page of the form has a: 'Save' button, changes are automatically saved when a field is exited, but the save button can be used at any time; a 'Validate this page' button, which will highlight any 'Required' fields that still need to be completed; and a 'Print' button, which will print a copy of the current page only. To print a copy of the whole form, use the 'Print review' button on the left hand side of the screen, next to the 'Submit' button.

The fields can be completed by cutting and pasting information from your protocol, or you can use the form to help develop your protocol.

Registration is free of charge, we only require that the registration form fields contain the relevant information. PROSPERO records need to be fully searchable so the information requested needs to be in the fields, even if access to a protocol is given. PROSPERO records are permanent and free to access; not everyone will be able to access links, and links are not guaranteed to be permanent. PROSPERO does not have the resources to complete the form from a protocol. The transposition of protocol information to the registration fields may require interpretation and should therefore be done by authors. We therefore do not accept submissions that refer the reader to the protocol without providing the basic information in the fields.

Full guidance about the information required in each field can be accessed by clicking on the relevant ‘more…’ link in the form.

When you are ready, the form can be sent to the PROSPERO administrators by clicking on Submit.

Download the guidance notes for registering a systematic review on PROSPERO.